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Hi, my name is Brett Funk. I am an experienced and accomplished guitarist and instructor. I’ve been teaching guitar professionally in Longmont since 1991. Whatever your level of playing experience, whether you already have a guitar instructor or not, whatever your musical ambitions, whatever style you’re interested in learning, I'm certain I can help you achieve your musical goals.

Please take a look at my Google reviews to read what my current and former students had to say about their experience.

Brett Funk

Call me for a FREE introductory guitar lesson, no purchase required.

It’s that simple. I believe in my teaching abilities and my lesson system enough to feel certain that if you spend an hour here with me in my lesson studio, you’ll realize that I have the most to offer you as an aspiring guitarist and musician.

Money Back Guarantee!

When you or your child decide to take lessons from me, if after the first month you’re not completely satisfied with the experience, I’ll give you a full refund.

Why should you take guitar lessons from Brett Funk?

The Details

  1. I have THE “State Of The Art” guitar instruction facility in town. You really have to see it to believe it. I use a combination of computer software and videos that put my students on a fast track to success. I do all my own videos and transcriptions, correctly, and I have a vast library of songs from many styles of music.
  2. I make lessons fun! Proof of this lies in that fact that I have several students who have been with me for over a decade. Usually when I lose a student, it’s when they graduate and go off to college. Just this summer I’ll be saying goodbye to two students who have been with me since they were 8 years old.
  3. I’ll teach you whatever you want to learn, regardless of your age, current level of playing ability, or the style of music you’re interested in. I specialize in rock, but I’m well versed in folk, pop, blues, funk, jazz, and country. Basically, I can teach you anything you want to learn on a steel string acoustic or electric guitar. The only thing I don’t teach is “classical”. I also teach “music theory” as it applies to the guitar. I’ve honestly not seen a better system for learning the language of music than the one I’ve created and tailored to the guitar player’s point of view. Even if you’ve been playing for years, it’s pretty cool when you understand the science behind the art form.
  4. Flexible scheduling!!! I always find a way to work around YOUR schedule, and will gladly schedule makeup lessons to accommodate all my student’s needs. Also, instead of teaching 4 half hour lessons per month, I schedule my students for 2 full hour lessons on alternating weeks or a full hour every week. This allows enough time for a complete lesson experience, and gives the student two weeks to practice the material presented. This bi-weekly lesson format has been working successfully for me for many years now.
  5. I charge less than what you’ll pay at a music store or lesson facility in Longmont. I teach out of my home studio, so I’m able to provide you with the finest professional guitar lesson experience at an affordable price, $120.00 a month for 2 full hour lessons.
  6. Convenient Location In Longmont, ColoradoFind us on Google Maps
  7. Several of my students have gone on to major in music at CU, CU Denver, CSU, and UNC. Some have been in successful bands, both recording and touring, and some have gone on to become professional guitar instructors.

Brett Funk – Guitar Instructor – Songwriter – Performer – Recording Artist – Producer

Call me! We’ll have fun!!!

Watch this video for complete guitar lesson information!

Here is playlist of my guitar improv videos.

This is what one of my students was able to do after just two years of lessons with me.

Cody Jams Cathedral by Van Halen

Here are some videos of other young students as they started their journey to become a musician.

Scott performs “A Minute More by Brett Funk”

Tiffany performs “Crimson & Clover by Joan Jett”

Scott performs “You & Me by Lifehouse”

JJ performs “Just What I Needed by The Cars”

Eric performs “Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd”

Adam performs “Ah Leah by Donnie Iris”

Nick performs “Same Old Song & Dance by Aerosmith”

Kaden performs “Ah Leah by Donnie Iris”

Here is a video of me improvising on guitar over a backing track of “Sunny”.

Call Me! I’ll make a musician out of you!

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